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some things for sale.

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tomei poncam procam for a RR motor. $350

greddy emanage ultimate. $300

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Might get those cams if u still have em in a few weeks
ok sounds good they will still be here. just let me know.
What are the specs on those cams? Can they run on stock Springs and Retainers? Also have you run the S3's against these and have a opinion on the difference?
nizzan4u2nv- yes the cams are brand new.

rickcab1- the specs on the cams are,

Duration IN 260 / EX 260
Max Cam Lift IN 11.20mm / EX 11.20mm

these are brand new not even out of the box so i wouldn't be able to give you a feedback on how they feel..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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