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neeeed toooooo selllllll. pm for faster replies. thanks!

stock hitachi starter. needs to be remanned. $30 +shipping!

two nissan hamburgers. three&1/2 in. wide two&3/8 in. tall. $12 shipped for both![/COLOR]

air box with new filter that ran less than 100miles. $20 +shipping!

TOP HATS STILL AVAIL. $20 +shipping!

H4 halogens. frost white in color. $15 shipped!

project grille primered and meshed SOLD big ups raymondp11!

trunk carpeting bolts/trunk net holders. $12 shipped!

smoked amber sidemarker lenses. $16 shipped!

installed: flash on

flash off

+10 JDM points yo.

turn signal flasher. $20 shipped!
(these are pretty sick. they make your signals and hazards blink to a slow or fast beat. sorry no vid of them in action but i searched online for this shit and this is as close as i can give you of how function. first they flash twice normally..then they burst flash like this.

+10 JDM points and +20 VIP points yo.


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dibs on trunk holders PM sent

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i think bgreen was lookin for the amber repeaters

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do you still have these?

"sidemarker bulbs.
single brand new $10 shipped
used pair $10 shipped."
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