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Umm I had a wiper squeek problem ........ So anyways I replaced the wiper blade assy with OEM to zero effect ........ So I took off the wiper arms removed the bottom of plastic cover (full width of engine bay) undid the three bolts holding on each wiper pivot (Ok I snapped one) released the wiper motor.... Disconnected the linkage & slid the whole shooting match out from the pass side...... Took the pivots to pieces & cleaned everything & greased everything up with Amsoil grease (Brilliant that stuff) ...... Spent a good 20 mins swearing at the assy, but managed to link it all up again :cheese:

Wiper squeek gone YEY All in a force 9 gale ....... Kept blowin the bonnet off its lil stay thingi ...... Most annoying

Lets see how long that holds for ........ I could of replace the broken bolt ...... But it was getting dark & frankly I couldnt be arsed :naughty:

I suggest if anyone has a P11 & hasnt looked at these lil pivots, they do so @ some point, as they are made out of chocolate & little thought was given to longevity @ the design stage :beard:
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