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SR16VE flywheel

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Up for sale is an SR16VE flywheel, pressure plaste and clutch disc in good usable condition. I'm asking $110 shipped for the flywheel and $80 shipped for the pressure and clutch disc. Prices are for shipping within the continental USA, overseas will be extra.

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is that rust spots I'm seeing on the flywheel surface?
is that rust spots I'm seeing on the flywheel surface?[/QUOTE
It has some very light rust on the surface but it's nothing that would affect performance. You can wipe it off with your fingers, it's how light the rust is.
What am I missing? What motors is this compatible with? Is it OBDII compliant? If its compatible with SR20DE, is there a weight savings over stock? I tried doing some searching and came up bumpkiss.
compatible with de motors? compatible with stock p11 clutch?
Yes sir, compatible with de motors.
$100 shipped for the flywheel.
$100 shipped for this flywheel.
Still have this flywheel.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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