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SR20 West Coast Convention 2015

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SR20WCC in Bakersfield, CA.
September 24-27

Hosted by:
Raul Fileto
Andy Villalobos
Charlie Barnes
Pat Klutch (please welcome Pat as our newest host!)

We are proud to announce the 3rd annual west coast convention in Bakersfield, CA. Every year our event grows bigger and bolder which is attributed to the strong FWD following of our sr20 powerplant & unique chassis' the B13, B14, B15 , P10 AND P11. I always like to start off with thanking each and every one*of you for the continuous support and commitment to WCC because as it's shown, This event is about the people 1st and the cars 2nd. Our tight knit community comes together for an extended weekend filled with racing, trash talk and unity. We have learned a lot from the past 2 years and going into the 3rd year, we hope for it to be the best one yet. We've had people come from the different points of the country and even south of the border. Thank you guys for supporting WCC, you know who you are.*

Our itinerary is as follows:

Thursday Sept. 24th,*9pm
Hotel Meet & Greet (TBD)

Attendance check-in for badges, Event overview, etc.

Friday Sept. 25th, 730am
Buttonwillow Raceway Park
24551 Lerdo Hwy
Buttonwillow, CA. 93206
Road Racing from*9am-5pm*
13CW setup
$225.00 per driver
Track information and safety will be posted on a separate thread.

Saturday Sept. 26th,*8am.
Autoclub Famoso Raceway

33559 Famoso Road
McFarland, Ca. 93250
Drag Racing from*10am-5pm
We are joining their "Street Tuner" day
$40.00* racers
$20.00 spectators
Drag Racing information and safety will be posted on a separate thread.

Sunday Sept. 27th,*9am.
Picnic @ Park TBD

Car Show, Awards, Raffle and food.

There you have it.
If you would like to help in any way, please message me or any of my fellow Co-Hosts. We appreciate volunteers. It can be a very overwhelming weekend without help. If you would like to Sponsor the event, please message me or email me directly.
Contact and Paypal info:[email protected]

See you all in September! LET THE BUILDS BEGIN!*
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This would be a perfect excuse to leave my state for a week. Track day sounds fun too
This would be a perfect excuse to leave my state for a week. Track day sounds fun too
doooo it david. actually you should fly into az (probably cheaper) drive up with me and make bakersfield our bi*** for the week
where is this bakersfield...haha just might make it
Flake and bake

Sir Charles, you MUST attend. As does everyone on the left coast.
In for the flake as well.
I'll be there as always. Seeing as its Buttonwillow, I'll probably take my buddies Ford E350 Turbo Diesel Van to tow the car out and back. More TQ and better mpg on diesel. If I can take it, I'll have 3 seats available plus the back to fit anything any AZ guys may need to truck out and back.

Since I know enough in advance too, I'll probably stay for the entire thing this time, I need a decent vacation this year..
We need maximum P chassis representation
the p chassis are going all out on this one!! i hope to see a good turn out of p11's :stick:
I'll be there Gonna win most laps on Buttonwillow
You bringing yours?
Yes. My p10 for buttonwillow and b13 for drags
Look forward to meeting everyone :) Currently plan to be there in my black p10.
+1 for AZ caravan, as of now i have this weekend open. If its ok I may track the vw boat
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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