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Sticky Gas Pedal

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2000 G20t with 238k miles. Runs great everything works no lights. oil changed regularly.

well the gas pedal sticks. It's completely random when it occurs. You push the gas and it doesn't go down then i pull my food off and tap it a bit and then it goes down like normal.

I inspected the throttle cable under the hood and it appears fine along with the throttle body.

I then declined my seat and laid down with my head under the steering wheel and inspected the goods. Again the cable looks good as does the pin, mounting bolts and return spring.

Any ideas?! Should I replace the $80 throttle cable and plan on that fixing it!?
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your throttle plate is extremely dirty I bet. Pull of the intake tube and clean it with some throttle body cleaner.
Don't spray anything in the throttle body.
Spray cleaner on a rag and wipe are on tooth brush.

You want to prevent cleaners are moister from going in the 2 Iac passages in the throttle body because if it does you risk p11 vudoo horribleness happnings
I posted my respons right before leaving work and after I did I thought exactly what you just said lol.
your throttle plate is extremely dirty I bet. Pull of the intake tube and clean it with some throttle body cleaner.

Sounds great!

Toothbrush - check
throttle body cleaner - probably $5 - I can get that

Could you help me locate where the intake tube is to take off and where the throttle plate is and how I clean it with a toothbrush?

I checked my FSM and it doesn't really help - it only references adjusting the accelerator wire....
after watching some youtube videos I not regret posting where the intake tube is! LOL

I guess I feel that the problem is mechanical - like the actual pedal hits something so I was looking at the pedal and throttle cable.

But I guess it makes sense if the throttle body is dirty it may have a hard time opening.

Could you still elaborate on the cleaning of the plate though once I take the intake tubing off? Is is the first metal piece after the filter,MAF and plastic tubing?
Be mindful of what I said!!!
comment sense tells me that since you need help locating the throttle plate and you are watching you tube videos
Their is a good chance you are going to go in their and spray like the uneducated to your particular car people do.
Further more you are more than likely not going to be mindful and you are at risk to cause more harm than good.

Be warned!
So what is the best way to clean the plate?! Do I simply wet the toothbrush and then start scrubbing? Do I actually open the throttle and scrub all around in it with the tooth brush?

What's the preferred technique! I have read your warning and will NOT be spraying anything down the G's throttle body. Spray will go on lint free cloth or toothbrush! Thank you!
The biggest concern is letting fluid and funk run down the Iac idol air control passages thurs 2 one on either side of the plate and they are on the bottom so neglecting them is simple is simple.
as long as you are very mindful of this and Have a light you should not have a problem.

Wedge gas pedal down are wedge throttle open by cable are by pully. Get most if you can by rag camp from cleaner than tooth brush and Wooding with rag.
A long reach needle nose plyers with rag rap atoms it work pretty good for Wooding hard to reach spots clean.

So in a but shell remove carbon and do not soak and let anything run down Iac passages so what ever you have to do to make it happen do it up
SO....I picked up a can of carb cleaner and popped the hood. I then inspected and thought Okay i've replaced the MAF this should be about the same.

Well after looking over all the hoses and dry rot I decided to leave it alone. Reason being the parts have 240K miles on them plus I would hate to mess things up. The car only has the issue intermittently and it's really not a big deal to me. I do appreciate the advice and wisdom but I'll be leaving it alone.

Thank you.
Sorry for reviving this old thread but i have been experiencing the same thing but my P11 only has 100K miles on it. I did in fact clean the throttle body with cleaner a few times by spraying a rag and reaching in and scrubbing with a toothbrush.

It only starts to stick after the engine has throughly warmed up.

I talked to a mechanic buddy and he pointed out that the throttle body itself is brand new and must have been replaced by the previous owner.

Could this be an IACV problem? Idle seems to be fine no weird reving. Any advice would be appreciated!
I had this happen on my 99'. The throttle cable was bad right where it hangs over the exhaust manifold. Heat over time (200k+ miles). Good part is that it only takes about 30 mins to replace.
Thanks for the advice! I'll look at it more carefully and I'll see if I can't snatch one off of a car that showed up at pick and pull. At least I'll get some practice in on removing it
Went out and checked the throttle when it was sticking. I pulled on the throttle drum and it stayed stuck till I pulled back on it hard and it came free and revved up since the throttle plate was open. So I'm pretty sure I ruled out the throttle cable.

I think it might be the throttle opener vacuum valve that is on top of the valve body and I had been looking around to see if anyone had a similar problem. I did see that someone else had an idle problem that their mechanic buddy thought the issue was the opener valve but he thought it was the IACV valve at the bottom of his throttle body. I'm hoping it's a simpler fix than that.
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