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Strange problem with ABS light

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I have problem with my ABS light. I change my EU cluster to UK cluster, to do this i must relocate pins, but at this time everything work properly. With one except.....ABS light.

When i turn ignition ON, ABS light but go to off after 2s, so first test of sensors, etc are good. Problem is when I start engine. ABS light go ON with first step of starter, and light until i go engine off.
This is strange because ABS work properly, i did abs test, shows code 12 - everything is OK, I try to turn ignition OFF at 30,40,60km/h, without result, light turn on with engine.

I do not know what is wrong, why bulb light, when ABS work properly
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having trouble reading, you said when you turn ignition on the abs light comes on but then turns off after 2 seconds. then I'm lost when you say 1st step of starter do you mean the key on engine off position, or actually starting the car.
Starting the car, abs light turns ON together with engine.
When I studying schematics, i find something. I have in standard not only cluster different from UK, but ABS central unit to.
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