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strongflex bushings for p11 suspension?

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as the title says, has anyone used these before?
thee are yellow and red versions, the yellow are supposed to be race, and are very hard and squeak alot,
let me know what u think.
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first i have heard or seen them..

though they look similar to the superpros

with the exception of the Upper control arm bushings. as they do not look essentric
Get em and let us know how u like them
Been a long time coming but finally ordered them and should be in my hands by next week. Pics and review will follow.
I had to use different lower control arm rearward bushing housings as the strongflex bushing was too small for the oem ones. The upper control arms and the swaybar and endlinks fit fine. I dont see long term use out of the lca rearward bushing as it still has a little play, even with eudm control arms now...( these ship from Poland)
best of luck to you-
These poly are from poland. Best what you can buy in my country, I've got yellow set for upper and lower arm from 2 years. For me and my car diagnostist this was one of my best choices, No fuc#in noise, no slack.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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