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Hey everyone, and welcome to my WP11.

I've had the car for 2 and a half years, and I've done a few things to it since then. Still lots of plans for the future too.

Here it is the day I got it. Picked it up for £450, 172,000 miles on the clock. This is the cleanest you'll see it for the rest of this thread.

First thing I did was fit my 16" N16 Almera Twists

Almera Sport black leather steering wheel with audio controls

Sunglasses holder from a P11-144

Replaced the grey leather seats with this horrible pattern with GT cards and front seats

GT grilles and headlight protectors (since removed)

GT bumper painted in matte black for now, will be colour matched very soon

Sneaky 12v socket in the glove box

Spoiler from a JDM wagon, painted matte black for now

Amber corners, painted with Tamiya model paint

Rear brakes remanufactured and coated

Fitted the proper exhaust for the car. This had a 1.6 exhaust on it for some reason. This is the difference between the 1.6 and 2.0 centre sections

Rain guards from a JDM wagon

Had a carbon bonnet on here for a short while, since removed and stock bonnet refitted

New clutch

New sill panels welded in

GT side skirts painted matte black for now and fitted using magnets (still bolted in at the ends), along with GT mud guards

Second hand BC coilovers, meant for a saloon/hatchback but fit the wagon with no issues

JDM duals fitted. Still need some adjustment to fit properly.

That's a brief update on everything so far. I'll add more as I gather it together.

Still more plans. Have a GT engine to fit since this ons is a little tired now. 17" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels with Yokohama Parada 2s to go on, some more height adjustment, paint correction all round, some more rust to fix, especially around the rear arches, new front wings/fenders, and much much more!
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