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Sunroof cover with perfect plastic handle

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$45 shipped/paypeled obo

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Bump $45 shipped
Still for sale??
Yup still got it.
Some make a mold or something of the brittle sunroof handle. Sell on the forums and make millions...
Dang, if this doesn't sell by Friday ill take it off your hands and possibly see if I can make moldings for new handles.
I'll buy one. And make it black to contrast the tan.. Those who have tan interior are doomed to having poor looking interior anyway...
Still have this, need to reupload pics
The last one I bought got broken in make sure to pack it well so you dont break somebody's heart ;-)
Highly interested. Is the plastic handle partially broken at all at anywhere?
It was in great shape, removed it from a 50k mile P11. I'll post pics tonight from photobucket (previous host went down)
While I'm waiting for pics, is it for black or beige interior?
Uploaded the pics, it's from tan interior. It does seem to have some spots on the carpet, nothing too serious.
No worries, cursed tan interior!
Still got it for sale? I'll buy it but gotta let me know the shipping to hawaii
I got a beige one for sale too same 45 plus shipping. Pretty clean atleast 7/10. Located seattle wa
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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