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Teggin's 1993 Nissan Primera T4

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Since I was tired of posting in the new members section, and that I have started to modify a few things on the Nissan, a build/member's ride thread is in order. For those of you who have posted, followed, or seen my previous thread, sorry for the repeat posts but to save time and my fingers from retyping it all, I just copied. Enjoy

Just picked up a new DD.
1993 Nissan Primera 2.0 T4
RHD, imported from Japan
5 Speed
180,000km or 111k miles
Car is almost completely stock except for an:
Razo dead pedal,
Apexi drop in filter,
SPAC radiator cap,
Pioneer head unit.
Everything works. Power folding mirrors, all windows, AC, power steering.
Just gonna drive it for the winter and park my E46 M3
No real plans for the car. As far as I know, this is the only P10 Primera T4 in the US.
now on to the pics

Thanks for looking.

oh and since it will prolly come up, this is the M3 I am parking.
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So I finally got a day off from work. I was able to wash, wax, clean, spray, wipe, dust, vacuum, spritz, rub, dry, scrape, buff and tighten down the whole car. I spent a few hours on the engine bay cleaning the valve cover and the hoses. Refreshed the outside trim, and just cleaned her up.


Got tired of looking at the empty spot under the climate controls and having to hold my change in one hand and my drink in the others while i drove.

Snatched this out of a Ford Taurus

Some ArmorAll

Still works even in 1st, 3rd, and 5th

Time for a new filter, the APEXi is looking tired

This will do.... HKS Super Power Flow filter

These were just laying around, might throw them on the back. I have been looking into a set of Rally Armor

All cleaned up

Replacement taillight was ordered today

Went through and used some vinyl and plastic restorer on the interor

After, and yes its the opposite side...

Thats the update so far, picked up the extra set of TSW wheels with summer tires today
TSW Volcano's

3 wheels in good shape, 1 wheel broke :(
If anyone has some decent 4X114.3 wheels laying around, let me know.
Also looking for a front lip off a VW, or Gen 1 Integra, or G20 or 323 or something to custom fit a lip.

driving around in the snow, the buildup from my front tires has started to wedge snow and ice and rocks in between my side skirt and body. So a trip down to Jalopy and I came up with these off a Nissan Pathfinder. Unscrewed the existing screws from the fender liners, lined them up, drilled out holes on the flaps, reused existing hardware and holes. I think they look decent.

We had a huge snowfall out here, went and did some sliding around with my fellow local car fourm.
Went out with some other IMSer's and had some fun in the snow.

More parts are on the way, including new shift knob, new tail light, shift boot, steering wheel, quick release hub, Personal wheel, and lowering springs.
Added a Nismo GT shift knob, and replaced the front and rear engine buffer mounts.

Also picked up a set of BBS RZs 14X6.5. Working on pulling off the previous owners black paint and ordering center caps

The BBS wheels turned out to be replicas so I passed on them.
Picked up a set of these Enkei WDMs 16X7 +42
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Ordered some stuff from Japan. New headlight to replace the USDM one, a new fog light to replace the broken one. New headlight and foglight bulbs all around. New Broadway mirror, JDM front plate, squash air spencer and a new custom front lip.

Old USDM light on the way out

New JDM light in

Test fitting the new lip

All done and mounted, foglights reinstalled.
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I wish i had an awd primera... every turn would be amazing and off the line would be crazy enjoyable.
New shift knob and boot installed.

Also selling a 626 lip and USDM right headlight.... PM me if you want more info
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I'll say what everyone else is thinking:

Fuck you!


Nice job so far, looking good!
How much would you sell it for at the end of winter?
Yeah what what he ^^^ said how much ?
Prolly going to keep it. If any of you are serious just PM me your offers
how intense was it to make it road legal in the states?
or if anything
Prolly going to keep it. If any of you are serious just PM me your offers
Everything was done when I bought it. Had a title, and had been registered. Took me 2 mins at the DMV after I bought it
replaced the broken wheel yesterday with this out of a Pulsar
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:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
Still on the lookout for a right outer taillight in the Yellow and Red color combo. I will be claybaring and waxing the car, getting a couple of dents popped, and some scratches painted here in the next week. After that, Paint the grill, find a 2.0 eGT badge, throw the wheels on and the springs and then show it in Utah in April
Whats going on in April? You should bring it to the west coast sr20 convention.
Whats going on in April? You should bring it to the west coast sr20 convention.
There is a show in Salt Lake City, Import Spring Showoff. It will be the first show for the Primera and SLC isnt that far from Boise, like 3-4 hours. Where is this SR20 Convention?
Streets of willow in Central/northernish california. Trackday and car show.
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