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any progress on the auto vvl?
Yes! Definitely if it is going to be done must use the ecu required for your automatic, obd2 a/t or obd1 a/t, found out the step-down is not a good idea if using automatic. Having VVL on automatic is actually pretty nice, once you hop out of overdrive you have heaps of power to use in third and in second its gives you good power on the high cams when getting on the freeway, passing is especially easier and not painful at all like with the DE. All in all it is a great upgrade EVEN on auto's. I love the VE on the P11 and I'm glad I made the choice to go VE, also gets great mileage on a good tune and sounds excellent. Very practical for a daily driver and good for ride comfort and keeps you under the radar of the law.

do you have the paint # by any chance
I don't but it is the Metalcast - Orange by DupliColor you can get it at O'Reilly.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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