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Volks Formula Mesh
17x8.5 + 33 front 215/ 17x 9.5 + 33 rear 235

New set up:

Nismo LM-GT2 made by Rays
17x8 + 35 front 215/ 17 x 9 + 33 rear 235


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works on creating more understeeer. fail.
All I can say is, the understeer actually helps me pull better times around the track. I get better grip coming out of the turns. So in my case, it actually does help me. And plus, I think an inch wider in the rears doesn't make much of a difference in daily driving.

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I guess if its for looks I cant say much.. if you want your fwd car to look like shit then more power to you! feel free! im not stopping you..

but this statement:

So this "track", and these "times" you speak of.. can you prove this with factual evidence..

or is this "track" and "times" you refer to when you drive around the streets..
I actually put cones outside my neighborhood and do mad driftos.
Just look at my sig, it says slowmatic drifters, so it must be true.


do not

want to know

how much

i lol'ed.
My suspension system is worth more then some of the cars on this thread.
Not trying to bash on anyones' car.
Say whatever you guys want, you don't know me.
I didn't build this car for your approval.
And I sure as hell don't need to prove anything to you guys.
But to mention a few places the car has been at.
Texas Motorplex, MSR Houston, Autocross events at Gulf Greyhound Park.

But whatever, just because I don't post on here often makes me a car noob.

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I'm not going to pass judgement on the staggered rims for street purposes, but I will say that excessive understeer does NOT make you go faster around a track. Ask any professional racer and they will give you the same answer.

Tangentially, what is your suspension system? I wouldn't be surprised if it's more expensive than my car, but you can't tease us like that, you've got to give us the goods. :p
I do agree with you, under excessive understeer it does not make you faster.
But under my original post, I said in my case it actually helped me with my times, meaning I have slightly more understeer then oversteer. Maybe I just need better driving lessens:dead:

i think he has jics
and all the carbing goodies
unless he changed it up
i wouldnt be surprised, balla!:asian:
You pretty much got it, cept I have the Nismo Rear Sway Bar.
New custom made JICs are coming in to replace these old ones soon.
I might be going with some Air Force suspension later when it becomes more of a show car.

ill be honest i thought his original post about that was sarcasm... lol
but its true, understeer cannot help you, traction is key in racing, unless youre talking drifting
and of course, understeer is poor mans drifting... =p
in autocross, understeer nor oversteer can generally help you. although arguably there may be a few cases where slight oversteer may have some benefits, but understeer simply means get new tires and slow down.

ak1, i encourage you if you have some supports or adjustability in front, to make some changes and try it out. when i started racing with agx's, i threw em on full hard all around not thinking about what i was doing. shortly after understeering a few courses i realized that a bit of body roll in the front can help speed your time up if you have anything less than sticky ass tires.
if youve got an fstb and are understeering, try taking it off.
if you can adjust dampening, soften em up a bit in front.
i keep my agxs on hardness 2 of 4 in the front, and 8 of 8 in the back when i race, and people are constantly impressed with my times in a 120hp 3250lb fwd automatic car.

Thanks, I might try to change it up.
But to be honest, I've spent a lot of time adjusting it to my driving already.

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most touring cars/sedan racecars are set up to oversteer. especially front-wheel drive cars, which included the jtcc/btcc primeras.

maybe all them engineers and drivers are wrong and we should all follow mr. my-suspension-is-worth-more-than-your-car's advice.
And I wasn't giving people advice asshole.
I just simply said in MY CASE it helped me.

ANyways, back on topic.
Can't have this thread without Normandie's car.

Work Euroline DH
18x8 +35 front and 18x9 +28 rear
Sumitomo htr+ in 215/35/18 & 225/35/18


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I ran 9.5s on a +33 with a 235 tire and thought it was perfect for the rear.

the 10s wont fit in the rear. My 95s +35 are a fraction of an oxygen atom away from scraping on the trailing arm and the gas filler tube! Adding an extra half inch of width and tucking the wheel further in like that will guarantee its gonna hit SOMETHING on the inside.

The fronts will poke out further than mine too

I like your OZs, you wanna just trade? lol
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