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this thread is epic fail..

and if someone starts "another one" its going to fail as well.. so dont even bother..
the tags are definitely chock full of win...personally i dont like seeing staggered wheels on front wheel drive looks awesome but you know it doesn't make sense from a performance standpoint...
Wings look awesome too
but if they're not doing it for performance, its mostly purely cosmetic
So are wings
I'm not trying to hate just FYI...its a personal thing for me because i know front wheel drive cars when I see them, and seeing one that has a staggered stance (of a rear wheel drive car) kinda makes me shudder a little bit and ask why...technically i'm running a somewhat reverse staggered stance (wider tire in the front than the back) but thats mostly because of cost (im kinda cheap right now) and my car is almost perfectly neutral with the two different tire sizes
Thats how it should be done
All of staggered members here don't even drift, track or race their cars, so why do people think it's not right? I have to admit that all members here who have staggered wheels have very good looking cars. For haters, why do you boost your car when its just a 4 cyclinder car? Get a V8 engine or Ferrari instead of wasting tons of money trying to make small engine fast. Most of us, are here to learn and not interested of your performance idea because this thread is almost purely cosmetic.
Almost? This thread is all cosmetic. As for go buy a V8 or a Ferrari, lol Cause G20 cost the same as a Ferrari.
And 4 cylinder cars cant run as fast as V8s :rolleyes:
When my status is updated to sponsor later this week I'm gonna clean this crap out and leave It back the way It should be . Haters please stay the hell out this thread , Ill make a new thread called " Teh official haters of staggered G's club " and you can post your comments there . This thread is for the sole purpose of G's looks with staggered or aggressive fitments .... If I wanted to talk performance I would post pics of my other car and shut people up .... :naughty:

P.S. I love you Mike
LOL aggressively ricey

Where is that link to the rice thread. This one should be in there
1 - 6 of 373 Posts
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