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Hey guys, over the summer I purchased this suspension set up for all fours and i never got around to installing them. I am going to try tot sell them on here for a week before I put them up on ebay. You can buy one or the other or both. I'll give you a discount if you buy them both.

I'm going to say $100 for the springs obo, and $175 for the struts obo.

**Both of these items are brand new and have never been installed, still in original boxes, and they are ready to ship!**

Also I just lost my job here in duluth, and money is kinda tight so I am willing to sell my JDM foglights and OEM Foglight switch for the dash. $60 obo for the pair

Thanks guys. And hopefully the job market will get better here.

send me a PM with your zipcode for shipping details.

I apologizes if I have broken any thread rules too.
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