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So I'm thinking about selling all of my parts and such along with the car. Essentially it'll be a relatively complete project + car. I'll try and bring you up to speed as painlessly as I possibly can. In 2004 I traded my hatchback for this car. I drove it around for about a year, maybe a little more, slowly acquiring parts for a swap. Finally I was able to swap the car with a W11 and drove it around for a little over half a year until the motor developed some rod know. I swapped everything over to a BB long block. I had that for a few months and then I believe the turbo seals went bad. The reason I think that is because the motor still runs, it just wouldn't build boost. At that point I decided that I was done with cars and I just dropped everything, parking the car in my Mom's garage and I haven't worked on it since except selling the turbo. I still have TONS of parts left though and I don't have the patience or time to keep for sale adds going. So this leads me to this post. I'm thinking of selling EVERYTHING I have for the car and the car as one big package. I'll do my best to list everything now but I'll probably have to keep adding stuff as I remember it.

What you will get:

*1992 G20, gutted with an aftermarket sunroof that doesn't work (was planning on taking it out eventually.

*2 DET swaps that can be used to make one good one. One could be completely fine... not sure. *****NO TURBO*****
*2 5-speed transmissions
*Hot Shot intercooler piping kit
*Blitz BOV with flange
*Custom 3" mandrel bent exhaust

*Profec B Boost Controller
*AEM UEGO Wideband sensor
*Autometer Boost Gauge
*Autometer EGT Gauge w/ probe
*Battery Relocation kit (to the trunk)

*Sparco Torino Race Seat
*Sparco Harness
*MOMO Steering wheel w/ Adapter
*MOMO shift knob

*ADDCO rear sway bar
*Tein/AGX Rear combo
*B&G Coilover Fronts

*The car will be sitting on OEM wheel/tire combo
*ADR Flite 4's some painted gunmetal some not... tires have never been mounted on them.
*OEM Nissan Lipkit (front/rear/sideskirts)
*Additional Lip made from another p10 bumper
*Tinted window
*Amber side markers (never mounted)
*JDM Foglights (never mounted)

This is all I can think of off the top of my head. I'll get pictures on Saturday and add any items that I forgot as they come along.

I'd like to get about $2500 from everything but I'm willing to take any reasonable offer. You would have to be able to pick it up or I can deliver it a reasonable distance for an additional cost.

Here are the last pictures I have of the car before all hell broke loose.

Pictures of the OEM lipkit front lip

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Yea, I wasn't sure where it'd go since it's not really a workable car... Mods, if you think this would be better suited for Cars For Sale then by all means.

I'd also like to say I'm willing to negotiate a price. I'm just trying to get rid of everything so I can put a nice down payment on a new car. Not to mention it'd be nice to get my stuff out of my mom's garage.

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I'm guessing someone else will chime in but after the attempted sale of our own fully working track g20, I came to realize it will most likely eventually get sold off in pieces when we want to sell it because people tend not to want to pay for all you have invested.

If you have time to part it out and then just sell the shell, you most likely will get top dollar that route.

Gluck whatever you decide to do.
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