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UPDATE 01/09/14: TEV Bumper mounted, did not use JDM support, ended up shaving down the USDM support, the bumper is slightly warped; would anyone recommend a heat gun, I've heard from other members that fitting one is not always 100%. The fog lamps have not yet been installed and I purchased a JDM tow hook that is not yet installed either.

So I'm getting some metal cutting tools here in the next couple days in the mail (rotary drill and angle grinder) to install the a TEV front bumper with fog lamps.
I guess I forgot to read the thread that told me the TEV won't clear the metal Core Support underneath the factory bumper so I'm going to either:

A. Cut a slot in the length of the core support to slide the edges of the bumper inside (think swiping a credit card) and removing the edges that rub on the fog lamps.

B. Cut a flat block of the core support altogether.

Does anyone have experience doing this type of thing or have installed a TEV before? I have the JDM support but I prefer to stick with the USDM support in case of an accident.
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