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i havent been here for a while but had its reasons i was laid of from work.boss thinks it can be done cheaper in eastern europe also lost a good friend so wierd times.
But got myself a new job and sadly have to part with my primera.
I still love it a lot but its getting real tired and biggest problem is rust its realy allover it so had to decide to let the old lady go with pain in the heart.
I wanted to get a P11-144 but none came along that fit the bill so to speak unfortunatly.
I now bought a 2001 vw passat tdi diesel because of the milage i have to drive to work as you know in holland thats something to keep in mind bying a car.
i will post some pics in one of the other threads as soon as i get it.
So i want to thank all for the good times here and all the information shared with me.
maybe in time i get what i want but i will sneak in here once in a while to check out all your great looking cars !!
So thanks again and keep yourself and those great cars you drive safe !!
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