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GtRider said:
just saw a timing advance kit on ebay
it says that it comes with an electronical device,
does anyone know anymore info about this device?
JUNK!!!!!! Read his eBay FeedBack!! He is a scammer.

Gotta give him credit though. There are several people who actually bought his Home Depot/Lowes DIYer kits. He is making a killing off of the weak.

There are several forums who are trashing this guy!

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OK I found what you're talking about on e-bay pretty easily. Looks like he trying to sell a simple resistor that drops the signal a bit from teh MAF/MAP whatever. Crock of doodie if you ask me. :-\

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Yup, but... if you guys are interested in something like that, i could most definitly fab something up... I could even throw something on teh MAF signal wire and make your car not run quite so rich (more power!). So, who wants to be the guinea pig? Oh yeah, if your motor pops i'm not responsible either.

Oh yeah, the cost......
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1 billion dollars!!!!
[/Dr. Evil]


P.S. don't do it!
It's sorta like this one: They never had the KA motor in Japan and to my knowledge Nissan motorsports never really made anything like this. I'm also guessing if they did, it would have been an adjustable part. Or... maybe i'm wrong on this one.
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