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Sorry for the double post. Posted this on the General Forum and then figured it should really be here.

I noticed that the timing marks on my new 2002 G20 Sport are different than in the factory 2002 Infiniti repair manual, and as indicated on a couple of web sites. I have only three marks on the pulley. As viewed from the passenger's side fender there is one mark, then about a 2 inch gap to two white marks which are about a half inch apart. I am assuming (going from left to right) that the first mark is 0 degrees BTDC, the first white mark is 13 degrees, and the second white mark is 15 degrees BTDC.
In the manual they show a lot more degree marks and the 13-15 degree band is a solid white line, not the two separate white lines on my car. Is this just a late production change that did not make it to the repair manual before it went to press?
I set the timing per the factory procedure and advanced it to the mark furthest on the right (15 degrees I am assuming). When I first checked it, it was set from the factory at the first mark (13 degrees).


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