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My G20 was making some weird creaks/clicking in the front end and I had the family mechanic take a look...I was told that my front axels needed to be replaced (which were causing the aforementioned sound). In addition, my rear breaks needed both pads and calipers...running me about $920 in total. However, the mechanic also said that my suspension was shot and needed all four struts, mounts, etc...running me an additional $1,120. Along with the copious amounts of rust under the car, he questioned the wisdom of pouring over $2,000 in a vehicle of this vintage.

I have been well aware that my car has been exposed to 160,000 miles on the harsh northeast roads and I have been very lucky with the little upkeep my car has required over the past 5 years of owning it (bought at just under 90,000 miles in 2009). I thought about parting out the car, as the interior and exterior are in fantastic condition and the engine runs well...but the dealership gave me a pretty good offer (considering its issues) and I took it after I spotted my new 2011 Audi A3 2.0T. Have a look at some pics of the G20 and my new A3...

I shan't be needing to use this forum any longer, but would like to thank all of those who have provided helpful info during the time I owned my car.

Also...upon loading these pictures onto Picasa...I realized that I had an album of my scooter on here...I give you my 2012 Ruckus clone...

I'll check back here intermittently until Wednesday when I swap cars...if anyone is interested in where they are sending the G20 to auction...should be in the Boston area.
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