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Hello to all, new to the site and first time infiniti owner.
Looking for some professional insite to a potential transmission problem.
Let me explain my issue.
I just purchased a 2000 G20 with 198,000 miles, auto trans.
So when trans shifts from 1st to 2nd, sometimes it will go into neutral for just a second before it shifts into 2nd.
It does not do it all the time. When it does happen it is usually when I slowly roll into the throttle, if I roll into the throttle faster it does not happen. Trans seems to shift in all other gears just fine no matter how hard I push the gas pedal.
I am going to drain fluid this weekend and replace with new. I hope this helps.
first off please tell me which fluids are best to put in this unit. I think this one take about 4 quarts, please correct me if I
am wrong.
second, if there is anything else I need to check out or replace to get this thing shifting correctly please let me know.
Thanks in advance or any help with this matter.
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