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I'm revealing my secret race car project just to forum sponsors so keep it on the DL from newbies :shhh:. My plan is build a lightweight P10 with Autech exterior for HPDE and other track days. I'm not following any rules to fit a certain competitive class, I just do what I like :)

The car is based on a 1993.5 Infiniti G20 shell
KL0 Platinum Metallic, Black dash, Gray cloth, No sunroof, No options except for dealer installed fog lamps. It was 100% stock, untill I got my hands on it.
109,562 miles on chassis when purchased, now has 209,562

Purchased the car in Jan 2007 for $600, has dents on every panel and a rod knock. Replaced the engine with the highport from my former P10 that was destroyed November 2006. Engine had 134,415 miles on it when installed in August 2007. The engine is completely stock, 117whp...for now.

So far my focus has been on weight reduction and cosmetics.

Weight Reduction
Interior removed
Airbag system removed
Power steering removed
Air conditioning removed
HVAC controls, Fan, Heater removed, custom ducting for defrost and center vents installed
Cruise control removed
EGR removed, Nissport blockoff installed
US bumpers removed, JDM installed
Audio system removed
Power mirrors removed, euro LHD manual adjustable mirrors installed
Power windows removed, euro window cranks installed
Power fuel and trunk latch removed, mechanical lever and cable installed
All wires from doors are removed
All wires not being used behind the dashboard have been removed.
...Currently 2270 lbs...

Sparco Evo XL driver seat, Sparco aluminum side brackets bolted to stock rails.
Momo steering wheel, Nismo horn button
Sparco harness bar, originally for Honda Civic and was modified to fit
Sabelt "Nismo" harness
OEM P10 "cupholder", I use it to store small stuff, a pen, and some papers
Center bezel cut off below 1st DIN slot
Left bezel has been filled with blank panels for now
Front door panels made from black Coroplast
Door pulls made from red nylon strapping
Stock pedals and shift knob

JDM front bumper and Autech front lip
JDM Te rear bumper
JDM Te side skirts
Autech rear wing
JDM front grille
JDM headlamps with Vision-X H4 HID
JDM amber corners with 1157 dual filament bulbs
JDM fog lamps
Mono wiper arm with custom cowling
Black side moldings
JDM sidemarkers
2.0 fender stickers
Euro front tow hook, OEM rear tow hook, painted red.
G3 Autosport carbon hood
Sparco hoodpins
Syndicate Kustomz carbon trunklid
Euro smoked/red taillamps, 2nd rear fog drilled out and both are wired as brakelamps

Wheels and Suspension
new setup:
17x7" +40mm 5x114.3mm Tecnocast Corsia
205/45-17 Yokohama
Circuit Sports w/ same 12kg/mm F, 8kg/mm R I had on the D2s, but now has helper springs too.
Cheap aftermarket pads
Brake rotors from a 99 I30; 280mm front, 278mm rear

old setup:
15x6" 12 spoke P11 wheels
205/55-15 Yokohama ES100 tires
D2 Coilovers, 12kg/mm F, 8kg/mm R
Stillen cross drilled rotors
Metal matrix pads

I'm sure there is more I can't remember and I'll update this.

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Dang pritty tite. i'm liking it. you need to get the roof painted black hehehe. So whats the original weight?

I wanna see some interior pics and updated progress.

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my old 93.5 p10 was 2751, ww m3 spoiler, carbon hood, no sunroof, and power touring seats

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Can't wait to see it as you continue to put parts on it.. including the one you picked up here in AZ.

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hey man, ive got a full set of P10 manual window cranks and regulators...PM me if your interested...then you can ditch the window motors.

You can take out a bit more weight with removing the electric trunk popper and gas door one too. Have you taken out the sound deadening material yet? Also, start trimming all the excess wiring that you now have with all the other stuff removed ;)
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