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Trinidad And Tobago Primera Club Meet January 2014

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Just a few pics from our meet for Jan 2014 Many more to come

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Cool rides amigo. Now are these used/ imported from japan or these cars were actually sold in the local market as brand new cars?
Wey dred didn't kno Alyuh fellas does get down like that down dey, nice cars!!
Yo give me your # na I go hit you up when I come down
this time next week ill be down there link e up let me some trini sr20's
Nice rides!!
Fellow Trini here pm me your # I would like to join the club I have a 1998 p11 my daily driver and a WIP.
Wish I could've made this meet...will try to get to add to the crew from Tobago's side!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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