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Turbo fx twin scroll

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Who on here has used their evolved manifold for evo turbos? Or what are your thoughts on going twin scroll this route? Eventually I wanted to do this but I want to know the pro and cons.
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If I remember right that manifold cost more than I paid for my car :) They are very nice manifolds tho...
Evo 8/9 turbos are awesome. Fast spool and make great power. Javier makes too notch stuff. Would have to check for fitment. I made a few Evo turbo manifold setups and only one has been completed and made it to the dyno.
Thanks guys. I just haven't seen any reviews of their manifold when searching. Eventually I'm gonna be on the look out for an avenir w11 so I don't worry about the de blowing up plus I can just swap over most everything I have onto it. I've been trying to find info on why most people do recirculated bov instead of atmospheric on a sr20 but people keep ranting on about what they have not why they did it. Can someone enlighten me on why recirculating seems to work better? I wanted to do an HKS ssqbov but I don't like the idea of drivability issues
I like blow through setups when everything is installed correctly. But you can use a SSQ in a draw through with a nipple adapter. Same BOV that I use on my personal car.
We recirc because of the MAF. The MAF is responsible for measuring the amount of air going into the engine, the computer uses this info to decide how much fuel to add. If you dump air after the maf has already measured, then you will run rich. The ecu has decided how much fuel to add based on x amount of air flow, when in reality it only has a portion of x because you vented the rest. As above, a blow through setup relocates the maf down stream of the bov so you are dumping air before its measured
Oh ok well that makes sense when you equate the maf in there since I understand how it works. So pretty much I can just a map sensor and just use speed density if I wanted atmospheric?
I have always ran draw threw maf I have ran the bov open. It is better to recirculate
However the slight drivability disadvantage if any I no longer notice.

Curtain poor drive habits can stall the car but it's not to bad.
if you have a good sealed turbo set up and set up your ecu well most wouldn't notice much.

Bead bet it set it up open and if you don't like it just recirculate it
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