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up for sale is my 1995 g20t turbo i am moving on to the rear wheel drive project that i have always wanted. the chasis has 154,000mile the engine has 2,000mile on i.t
engine is fully built
arp head studs from mazworx
port and polish head new valves
bc valve spring and new valve stem seal
powder coat valve cover
ve head gasket
custom intake manifold and throttle body
log turbo manifold
custom 61mm turbo and tial wastegate
740cc injectors jwt ecu with lightning map at 4 bar and afc controller
jwt c2 cams
spearco intercooler with 2.5 piping
block line hone crank polish
block and head resuface
block bored.20 over
weisco 86.5 piston
manley rods
acl race bearing and thrust washer
arp main bolts
all new seals
act 6puck sprung clutch
ployurethane motor mounts
3inch stainless steel 2 piece down pipe
3inch catbacl with magnoflow muffler

d2 36 way coilover
addco rear sway with mazda bushing
front and rea strut tower bar

enkie racing 17x7.5 f 17x8 r
potenza re11 f nitto nt05 r
12.6 front brake kit
interior stock and very clean with autometer gauges
this car has been well kept very sad to part with it but i know the lucky buyer will enjoy it as much as i did very fast and fun car the car made 452whp on 22ps1has a lot more in it i am asking $7000 as it is thank you kev.
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got also a whole bunch of parts for sale check the link
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arias 86mm pistonand rings $200 shipped {SOLD}
manley rods 2 of these rod spun a bearing can be over size i have 5 all together $150 shipped
p10 dog bone mounts brand new $40 shipped
gtir main bolts $50 shipped {SOLD}
bluebird ecu $75 shipped
calum ecu tune for stock maf 3700cc turbo $200 shipped
sr18 tranny bought for the gear direct replacement for p11 trans gear 200 obo pick up
gtir block all caps upper and lower oil pan $60 pick up
2 power steering pump $50 shipped
stock cams $40 shipped
sr20 lsd $60 plus shipping
thats it let me know what you guy want
so the pistons are stock bore for what head are the dalve reliefs for and what compresion/
sr20det compression is 8:5:1
message box is full can you text me 619-822-0623
Thank you sir most appreciated
update piston rings and gtir bolts sold thank guys
Crazy, you have the exact same wheels as me and almost the same color! (Mine are a little more on the green side.)
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