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Dyno day at Twilight Performance on Feb. 10. This dyno day was organized by members of the Nissan Community so majority of the cars that will show up are nissans but ALL are welcome to come and dyno. STARTING at 9AM and wont stop till we have no more cars to dyno!!!

RWD/FWD Cars - $45 - 4Pulls with A/F
AWD Cars - $55 - 4 pulls with A/F
Quick Tuning Allowed inbetween RUNS.

Please, spread the word, FEB 10. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

Twilight Performance
537A Burlington Street
Opa-Locka, FL 33054

Call 305-769-0140 For more details

Directions: Best way i know is Find 27 Ave and go to NW 135st and go WEST, After 32Ave, there will be a light called Sesame ST. Make right there
and make your first left which will be a snaky like road, follow the road, right before the train tracks, look to your left and you will see a entrance. Turn left there and go to the end.

I will be dynoing and try to make 500whp on stock SR20DE engine. Big show!!!!

Dude, your bed is a car..
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damn, i would love ot go but i'm in IL... :(
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