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Hi guys,

TWM is offering a $10 discount on ALL TWM Shift Knobs until July 15th 2006!, Check it out here: TWM Shift Knob SALE. Be sure to buy your new shift knob before July 15th and SAVE $10! You can save even more if you purchase a shift knob with a short shifter from our Short Shifters website!

Also, we have just released the M1 Abrams shift knobs in 2 new finishes, flat black and gun metal. Check them out here: M1 Abrams Shift Knob

The M1 Abrams shift knobs are weighted and feature our NTIS design.

Be sure to check out the rest of our Classic series shift knobs, all on Sale right now! Here are some pics:

Type R shift knobs (440 grams) was $99.95 and is now $89.95.

A6 Leopard shift knobs (485 grams) was $99.95 and is now $89.95.

M1 Abrams shift knobs (460 grams) was $99.95 and is now $89.95.

Be sure to also check out our High Caliber Series shift knobs, also on Sale!

Bombshell shift knobs (590 grams) was $109.95 and is now $99.95.

.44 Magnum shift knob (585 grams) $124.95 and is now $114.95.

Feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-877-655-0540 to order or if you have any questions.


TWM Performance
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