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Tyler's Little French Girl - "Yvette" - Build Thread

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I've decided to recompile my various threads into one big giant everlasting thread of heartache, friendship, and awesome car stories. I'm allowed to do this because I re-sponsored and I have OCD - suck it.

Part 1: Bringing her home
Part 2: Whoring her out first time around
Part 3: Disaster strikes
Part 4: Whoring her out the second time around
Part 5: Disaster strikes again
Part 6: Disaster strikes one more time
Part X: Hanging out with friends

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wow, ive actually never seen the white wheels, i liked that, more pics of that plz,
and are those stock springs on the B&G coils?
the must ride amazingly, with such long springs and helper springs, im trying to get my suspension to be more like that,
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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