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Hope you all have been well

Just creating this post to give an update on my P10. I've come to love it more and more as I've been driving it over the past couple of months, although it's not all been smiles and sunshine. A re-occuring exhaust leak has definitely been bugging me for a long time, even with replacing the front section that's past the manifold, it'll just start leaking somewhere else. Next to that is also the worn out motormount behind the radiator, every time you let your foot off the gas, you can feel the drivetrain move, so yeah pretty annoying.

But that's mainly been it. I've been finding all sorts of parts and making deals along the way. Managed to find a full factory aero kit, OEM Nissan wind deflectors,OEM 14 inch alloy wheels, switched the cluster to one with a tachometer. My biggest feat yet is finding and installing really nice R32 steering wheel whilst still maintaining the OEM functions. With a bit of modification I also managed to fit a Nismo old logo horn button (That works)

What's next for my P10 is something way more drastic. The aero kit will soon be painted and installed. During that process, it will also get all rust repaired, new OEM fog lights installed, and a nice detail. I'll be enjoying that for a few weeks before I take a 3 day trip to the Nurburgring, where I'll be enjoying my P10 and it's stock SR20DI for the last time, before it gets ripped out and swapped with a DET engine I have lined up for it, more details on that in the future...

For now, here are some update pictures! I hope to update you guys again soon.
Automotive parking light Car Wheel Automotive side marker light Tire
Tire Automotive parking light Car Wheel Automotive side marker light
Vehicle Speedometer Car Motor vehicle Steering part
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light
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Love it. Stock is brilliant.
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