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URGENT Need OBD2 P10 engine harness in PHX AZ

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Anyone in Phoenix have one of these laying around? Need one ASAP.
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With all the yards in Phoenix, none of them has an obd2 harness available?
The one I pulled is missing connectors and they were not cut. Including the front O2 connector. There are no other OBD2 cars around.
Don't forget to look at b14s (they are OBD2 as well)... sometimes you can rob pieces of a 1.6 harness and make it work on the sr20 (been there, done that)
i went to the one in mesa and there were 2 obd2 p10s
I know OBD2 as '95-96+. These cars are weird as they are spread all over. So what year range am I looking for?
If you pay for my time they're 2 96 P10's here in Kentucky
doing the manual conversion, right? you will want a manual trans engine harness. I have an OBD2 manual trans engine harness here in our basement (it just happens to be from phoenix.. haha).. but I'd have to box it up and ship it back to you in phoenix. I only know it is obd2 though (no idea if it is 94, 95 or 96 though) We kept a spare for our former 95 G20 (all connectors are there but since its from phoenix, some of the tabs on the connectors are broken off)

I figured it was worth keeping for future (never know when we might need it for a future purchase/conversion to manual)

I just thought you would be able to find your own locally right now with 5 to 6 yards to choose from! ...last one we took from Pick-a-Part in Mesa off Extension was around $32 plus 2 hours of our own labor (no I'm not going to sell it to you for what we paid, sorry)...but that's why I suggested you check locally!
Ugh, such a mess. Already over this project and I needed this car finished by monday. Is there no year range? 94+?
93.5 to 96 is OBD2 ....although some 93's are bastard OBD1 so 94 to 96 is the safest bet
Yeah the car I pulled this harness out of is OBD2, but theres quite a few connectors missing and a few that dont match up. (Like only one connector to the dash harness) No O2 connector either, very weird. ECU connector and most of the engine sensor connectors are there. Noticed the TPS connectors are different.
Post pics of what sensors don't have a connector as a reference.
auto vs manual TPS connectors are different i thought? Perhaps someone else who has done a conversion can chime in?
all p10 tps sensors are the single plug. p11 have the double tps plug like the ve.

it sounds like you have the engine harness. that doesnt have the connector for the 02 on it. there is a transmission harness that plugs into the main engine harness
Its actually down pouring here at the moment, I can try to get the photos soon if I dont run out of light. Going to the scrap yard in the morning to see what they have no matter what.
I got 1. It's from GA. Pm me if you're interested.
Need it local, can't wait for shipping. Thanks though.
so did you find something in a yard locally today?

Need another one of these, not so urgent this time. The last harness I got locally from a scrap yard has a bad knock sensor wire that is shorting to ground somewhere within the main harness. Rather than run a new wire or bypass it with a resistor, I'm just going to change the whole harness.

Harness needs to be in good shape and known to work 100%.
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