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Vanity light electrical leads touched and now a bunch of stuff does not work...

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Hi folks, I need help with my 1995 G20t and I am pretty lost. I was fixing my "sagging sunvisor" problem this morning, and it went well. Only problem was, I allowed the two wires connected to the passenger visor vanity light to touch... I heard a small electrical click, and figured I blew a fuse or something.

When I finished, I found that the following do not work anymore (all worked prior earlier today)
-remote door lock
-remote trunk unlock
-vanity lights on driver and passenger visors
-dome light
-map light
-trunk light
-stereo (aftermarket, have not checked the fuse on the back of the deck)
-power lock button on center console
-possibly something other stuff I have not noticed yet

Any idea what I could have done? I checked the fuse box under the steering wheel, they were all good other than the dome light fuse, which I replaced, but the dome light still does not work. Any help would be appreciated!
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Check fuse #25. One up from the bottom on the left side.
Check fuse #25. One up from the bottom on the left side.
That one was burned out - I replaced it, but it did not fix anything. Could it be one of the fuses by the battery that went out as well?
Well, I checked the 75A fuse and those other big ones near the battery, and they all look good. Trying to figure out what to do next, if anyone has suggestions I am all ears.

*UPDATE* After much head scratching, and for lack of anything else to do, I rechecked all the fuses under the steering wheel. Fuse #25, which I just replaced, was burned out again! I put in another one, and it sparked a little bit on the way in, but for now things seem to be working! Very relieved! Not sure if I have to worry about it burning out on me over and over, but for now it looks like I will have a stereo on my commute tomorrow. Thanks Colin for your help - glad there are experts on here who can help a guy totally new to cars.
Either it is still shorted out somewhere intermittently while you were putting things back together, or the new fuse was bad which happens cause they are cheap, or you had enough stuff turned on that somehow the inrush was enough to pop it when you install it. I wouldn't worry about it too much, there is nothing critical on that circuit.
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