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ve for sale plus extras to slap in

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What going on g20.. up for sale I have a 2.0 ve jasma headers, window switch for 750 or best offer in huntington station 11746 name is carlos lmk text at 5168843147 local pick up only I would take suspension for a ex 99 civic one peice only
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whats wrong with the motor ? coilovers for civic ? any brand(ebay)
Nothing is wrong injectors and everything workss good she runs I want one peices for the civic perfer skunks one peice there 650 to be exact not the pro c or ill take d2 one peice as well used if now ill take 750 and ill throw a non lsd p10 tranny 5 speed with no fith gear pop up or grind ihave a civic now and I wont have a p10 for a while till my lawn mower is looking good (civic)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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