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ve swap

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Hello. I'm new to this car and is trying to figure out what I need exactly to swap a ve in my 1991 g20 5 speed. I've googled it and nobody gives a straight forward answer. All I want to know is what I need exactly to get it in and running? And will it bolt up to my tranny?
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yes but it doesn't tell me exactly what i need. i just want to know what exactly i need part for part
In my experience there is no complete list for any swap... once you get into it you tend to find things you need to replace, forgot about or just didnt notice.
There are a few threads on here that you can use to put a list together. IIRC no one list everything that you need for the basic swap. Martin's thread has a good list, I have a list in my thread also but there are things we both have that are not necessary to get you up and running if that's all you're looking for. Don't want to be that guy and say search but that's kinda what you gotta do. Off the top of my head, ve, ecu, rpm switch, all necessary fluids. You can use the DE distributor or wire up the VE distributor (there's a write up, search). Alot of people use the N60(Maxima) MAF, its possible to use the stock but you limit yourself with that. While the engine is out i would suggest changing all seals and clutch. VE oil and water pump. Oh and be sure to use the sensors from your original engine. There are a ton of write ups on this. Just do a search
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