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Video of my det-ve on the track :)

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I make 3 passes you can jump to the next lap when my ''cameraman'' is not filming.

Pay attention to the sound hehe , crank the volume ! This is on 340 threadwear and too soft TeinSS so no grip here i'll be soon on slicks and on STD suspension coilovers 560/560 :)

By the way this is a good north american compagny that have the P11 on their catalog it is worth the look good prices and custom to your needs.

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The addco rear sway bay installed and front sway bar removed the car is now almost neutral in corners. No major understeer here this is nice. The STD 560/560 will help to eliminate residual understeer, (normal coilovers are softer on the rear, being equal will make it a lil more tail happy ) :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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