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Want to cancel Alarm and security key

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I want to know how to cancel the alarm system and maybe the security key since i'm starting to reborn my P11 as a track car and I want to remove everything inside and I want multiple key (one in the garage and one with me)

P11 2002 Sport

Thank you
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Ghetto way, pull out chip and hot glue gun it next to ignition inside housing.

Baller way, buy new alarm that puts key in box. Also gives you auto start if your automatic.
The alarm system is part of the SECU, which also controls the door locks and trunk release. You can remove that if you are truly stripping everything as a track car. If you want to leave those features but disable the alarm, you can do that by finding the disarm wire from the drivers door lock cylinder. You can look up remote start wiring diagrams to find the right one. Usually called the "factory alarm disarm". Usually has to be grounded to disarm.

To eliminate the chipped key (transponder) you can swap down to a 99 p10 ECM or B14. You could also do as mentioned above and get a transponder bypass kit for a remote starter and use that.
the SECU system is not part of the ECU system ? If I remove it the car will start without problem ?

I will leave the car in the garage off my brother in law and I want to give him a double (without the chip) of the keys in case off problem so he can move the car and I will keep the original one
I'm pretty sure you can remove it without impacting starting/driving.

Unplug the connectors and find out. :)
Simply grounding a factory alarm disarm wire is a for sure way to kill your battery over night. The disarm wire is designed to be pulsed, as if you were turning the key in the door to the unlock position. Grounding that wire just keeps that circuit active, causing a drain that will not go away until it is ungrounded.

Ground the hood pin wire. The SECU will think the hood is open and not allow the factory alarm to arm. You'll retain keyless entry and won't get a drain.

Pretty sure you can just disconnect the SECU but you'll obviously lose keyless entry, power locks, and power trunk pop as stated above.

Easy way to bypass the chip.. yes, hack up a key for the chip and glue it to the transponder ring.

Other way... get a 556U. Put a programmed key inside. Throw the 556U coil around transponder ring. Hook up power, ground, and trigger with the vehicles key sense wire.

Both ways will allow you to start the car with non chipped keys. Just don't try starting the car with another chipped key because the car will see two transponder signals and not start.
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i am interested in doing this as well, but from my reading i dont think a 556u is the way to go. it is a temporary transponder bypass for remote starting. the key would still need to be in the ignition to run.
i am interested in doing this as well, but from my reading i dont think a 556u is the way to go. it is a temporary transponder bypass for remote starting. the key would still need to be in the ignition to run.
What do you mean? The transponder allows the car to start. As long as the 555u is active, there is no problem.
it allows the car to start without the chip key in the ignition, but the way the 556u description is worded it sounds like like the key will be required to drive, maybe thats just some models but i wouldnt want to put in the work for a maybe.
Nissans don't constantly monitor the key like say a Mercedes does. Once the car has started and running, it doesn't matter if the RF signal is being seen by the car or not.

But in the way I described, the 556U would be active as long as the key is in the ignition slot. Once the key is turned off and removed, keysense would go away, deactivating the 556U.

There is different ways to wire up a 556U. But basic operation only requires power, ground, and a negative activation trigger. The activation trigger off a remote start system is usually a status output (aka ground while running) off of a remote start brain.

In this case the trigger would be the car's key sense. I can't recall off the top of my head if the G20 is + or - keysense . But if +, a relay would be needed to flip polarity, because the 556U needs a - trigger. I'll look into it when I get a chance.

EDIT: The blue keysense wire off the car is positive, so a relay would be needed to make a negative trigger.

556U's are super easy to wire up BTW. Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes including underdash disassembly/re-assembly.

The 556U manual is confusing if you don't know what you're looking at. For what we are trying to accomplish here, which is getting the car to start without a chipped key, only three wires and the ring are used.

Power (red), ground (black), and status (blue). The pink, green, and purple are not used in this application. You have to remember we are not doing anything remote start here. We just want the bypass to turn on when a non-chipped key is inserted.
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