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Wanted P10t or P11

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I really am looking for a P10 with the touring interior. Manual or auto, but of course manual is preferred. Im not looking for a DET or VE swapped G20. Rather it be stock and in California. I am in the central valley/bay area area but willing to travel if the car is right.

The car doesn't need to be 100% percent stock. I would love to find a P10 with some suspension work done so I dont have to bother with all that. Haha

I am a G20 noob but I've been around B13 game for about 10 years. Currently have a 92 NX with a VE swap.
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gluck on the search! You'll love the upgrade (this coming from someone who has owned b13, b14, b15, p10 and p11s btw)
I drove around my friends p10 with a SHITTTY motor. And the ride was smooth as silk and that was with his coilovers tucking the tires. I was pleasantly surprised. My hypercos feel like cut springs compared to the G haha
ill sell you my p10 for $1400 and a one way ticket from Cali to PA. its a 93 dark blue metallic manual trans. tan leather but black dash and grey carpet. 245k chasis miles 120k engine miles. it has amr coilovers. i upgraded it to an LSD 5 speed to fix 5th gear pop out. p11 mesh rims with shitty falken tires, still have some tread but falken quality SUX compared to the last set i owned i hate them. has an after market cheap CD player, needs better speakers. has a sunroof that leaked but i fixed it with a worm screw clamp to hold the drain hose in place. it had a DET in it when i bought it. it had a spun bearing, i towed it home and swapped in a stock highport from a 92 that i used to own. i have owned the engine since it was 50k miles, no service records to show but i did the oil changes myself with purolator filters and castrol oil. previous owner reupolstered driver seat and its softer than my 2011 toyota sienna seats. i replaced the entire exhaust from hear to tailpipe when i swapped the engine in. it has p11 front brake upgrade to bigger rotors. i have stainless brake lines i can include. has loco motor mounts and a p11 crossmember upgrade.

the bad stuff:
bumper cut for fmic
needs speakers
dent in driver side fender
driver side corner has broken clip
passenger seat has torn seam
no egr so emissions could be an issue in cali, the solenoid and everything is there but its mission the tube from the header to the solenoid since it didnt fit the header i bought.
has vibration from loco motor mounts

i cant deliver until january since im out of vacation time for the year. you can pick it up for less and ill pick you up at the airport. motivated to sell because i need a divorce lawyer to get rid of my wife.

pm me if you want to ask questions ill give you my Cell #
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Thats a little more extreme then I ever planned for a P10. I am looking at one 45 minutes away Sunday. Thanks though!
Bump! Still looking.
Please text me 209-679-0095 with what you have. Thanks
Found a P11 at a killer deal.
Cool... 1 more primera for nor cal mini meets
How often are there meets? I must lower this car stat
Of course. The B13 scene is pretty much dead so not many meets at all. Ill hope into the thread
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