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I saw this on another forum
and I figured I would post here, this is for google chrome only.

clickly linky in quote on google chrome and enjoy

I know this is an issue that has affected a majority of us on this subforum, so I'm hoping this helps.

Recently the bastards at Photobucket decided to start charging people hundreds of dollars a year to enable third party embedding, which had lead to thousands of threads and DIYs across the internet becoming near useless due to embedded images breaking.

I found this Chrome extension today that seems to fix the issue entirely. I take no credit for this as I just found it, and I can't say whether or not this will work forever. I WILL say that if you're not using Chrome, you should.

On the Chrome web store: photobucket embed fix

Test it out and let me know if it works for you. Feel free to share this around to everyone who may need it. I just decided to post it here because I like you guys the most.
** I do not take credit for this **
1 - 5 of 5 Posts