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I'll try to be as specific as I can..

I have a 1994 AUTOMATIC G20.

This sympton occurs RANDOMLY, no specific condition can make it appear, it is RANDOM.

The car hesistates to accelerate during 1.5k-2k RPM, not the motormounts (just changed the transmission and rear engine mount). Its rumbling as it accelerates, during 1.5k-2k RPM, after it passes 2k RPM the car's rough rumbling is gone. You can easily tell the engine is louder than normal. You will immediately notice when the problem is gone (problem randomly goes away), the engine becomes smoother and quieter, and the rumbling does not happen during the 1.5k-2k RPM.

Next, this is an automatic car, during the weird problem (when it is rumbling) stated above, if i try to brake.. and come to almost a complete stop (under .9k RPM) the car feels like its about to stall, it is at a complete stop, trying to jump up and down and stall, but it won't give out. (throwing it in neutral helps a BIT but does not get rid of it, throwing it in park gets rid of about 90% of the rumbling). Once again, when the problem decides to go away randomly, THIS DOES not happen either.

Things I have tried:

Checked spark plugs, looks fine, but in the first cylinder there is oil on the spark plugs, i'll get a new valve gasket and replace that.

Cleaned the Idle air control valve. Took it apart, sprayed carb cleaner.. soaked it.. wiped it, etc.

Checked the MAF sensor from the middle wire to the negative battery terminal = .12v, I will reground this so that the difference is less than .09v.

The TPS checked out to be @ .3-.4 (jumps to those two numbers, never more and never less). I know optimally it should be at .5 Volts...

Please, any ideas? let me know.. Thanks in advance.
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