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What control the tachometer?

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Like the title say, what control it? My is going up and down crazy. My gauge it still good but what should I check? Thanks.
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its a know problem, little to no way to fix it.

others just swap in a new Tach gauge to fix the issue//

i posted a thread a while ago to a maxima forum that was a fix....not sure if any one tried it though or if it works for our cars
Tech signal is a output from the ecu.

The ecu monitors cam sensor optical sensor to determine engine position. Engine revolutions per minute and to even know the engine moves. It interests that data and does it's thing and it outputs I believe it's digital tech signal
Eno, So if it is the meter itself, what if I wire in a autometer tech in, will that work or it'll just make it go crazy also?

p10det, is the cam sensor inside the distributor? Btw, car is a 91 g20.
Thanks guys.
Yeah, usually it is the meter itself. I've read that it is a small capacitor that is part of the tachometer that fails. The ecu output should be fine. The cam sensor is in the distributor.
The cam sensor is in the dizzy yes. I agree with them it's a tech problem.
My post was to answer the headline question directly.

If your cam sensor was bad and at fault I don't think your car would be running anyways.
Yeah, I thought that too. But now I got another problem. Putting up a new thread.
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