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I have been searching to find other custom shift knobs owned by p10ers, does anyone know if those type-r knobs will fit? the ones that come in aluminum and titanium i believe. I hope they wont look too ricey in a g20.

If you have a custom shift knob, let me know what kind so i can do some shooping for one. thanks

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here is a shift knob for p10

Classification Gang lip type * shift knob
Country of origin Japan
Installing vehicle HP10
Size - -
Purchase price Approximately 12000 Yen
Installing period Approximately 3 year half
Comment Form of the genuine AT knob even how when those of the MT knob wind are searched not to be agreeable to the body,
Only those of this company at that time it was, it was question and answer needless and it came to the point of purchasing the コレ.
Several types there was, design such as wood pitch and carbon + metal pitch.
If as for installation the instruction manual is read, it is possible not to be wrong, but for the wiring installation for the OD switch,
It was necessary to cut one time wiring, courage needed rather, (laughing).
The case where it operates, while pushing the part whose top is black it operates.
Operation itself it is easy to be popular, but touch is bad.
Surely, it is the plastic, -. With the っ ぽ it passes cheaply with touch of the feeling which was said.
Because it is the part which touches always by the hand, already thinking a little, we wanted making.
The case where it operated sound, the カチャカチャ the っ ぽ it is cheaply.
In addition, it meaning that plating the metal comes off, you lose interest.
In case by your, the shift boots for the MT are installed, but
Unless there is this, just the knob being prominent strangely, perhaps the non- appearance.

good luck man
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