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It's a simple question? What are you SUPERBOWL rituals? What food do you have to have?

For me it's:
Monster polish dogs
Tim's Cascade Jalapeno chips (Gotta have the Tim's)
Potato salad
Dr. Pepper
Chips and salsa.

So basically tomorrow I'm going to put on 13lbs. and watch the game on my new LCD!!!

I' don't really care about the Cardinals, I just want to see the Steelers loose.


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Not sure where im gonna watch the game tomorrow, but im gonna make my prediction right now.

AZ > Pitt by 10, and Anquan Boldin picks up the MVP trophy.


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i can tell ya that nacho cheese doritos are not fun to upchuck. (had a superbowl where i was pretty sick) for some reason i avoided doritos for almost 5 yrs. then couple years ago i could stand to eat them again. every time i would try and eat them i couldnt get past the taste.
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