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I have a set of Mania Racing Vermont Wheels.

35mm offset

I recieved these not knowing what wheels they were and it was harder trying to find out what they were because they came with Team Dynamics centercaps which started me in the wrong direction but the centercaps can be removed and you can use any centercap you want for thes wheels. with the help of a few members here and another forum I know what they are and how rare they are...But I no longer plan to use these so now they are for sale.

These are not for a G20..but I know there are members with other cars here...these are made to fit the likes of Supras, Corvettes, IS300 ect. or any 5 lug that can support that kind of offset.

These have never been mounted, only wear is from storage they are gloss black w/ a huge polished lip.

Asking $1000 to start entertaining offers as well......

These are for sale on another forum as well so anyone interested let me know....

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