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Ive managed to hook up the turbo temperarely with some flexitubing just to see if its all working, and the good news is that it IS! im only running about 5 psi or at least thats what i think, because i cant seem to get the boost gauge working. Ive tried to hook up the pipe to the little one thats situated on the inlet chamber, mid way along pointing towards the bulkhead, and ive even tried to hook it up to the tube on the fuel regulator, but none of thses work. The only place that ive had sucess with is the turbo to actuator pipe, and this seems to read about 4 psi. Problem is, i cant leave it on this pipe, as the bleed valve is also situated along this tube, and if i were to open up the valve, the gauge would give a false reading.
So what ive now done is to attach a small fitting onto the compressed side pipework that feeds the forced air into the inlet manifold, afterall, that air would be under pressure, however, im still getting no reading.

So where do you hook up the pipe for the boost gauge???

p.s., the cars running well, faster than before but nothing BIG just yet, still waiting on parts.
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