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where can i buy front hood alarm sensor?

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where can i buy the hood sensor for the alarm? mine is disconected at the moment but im replacing the door ones and new trunk harness might as well buy it, but i have been searching for it online and cant find anything anywhere...any info would be great.
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stock one? Partout on here? Why you need to replace all them?
just for peace of mind, my alarm is going crazy and i just looked at the trunk wiring and its all split, im 80 percent sure its that but still, there only like 6 bucks each for the doors but i need the hood one and if i can get a new trunk harness then let me know, any info would be appreciated!
Look at a junk yard got a new trunk harness for cheap there
yea im going there tomorrow, my brother said there was 2 g20s there so ima go check it out. let me know if you guys want me to keep my eyes peeled for anything.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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