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Who needs P11 & P10 Parts?

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Going to the junkyard today to pull some parts. They have 1 2001 G20, 2 1996 G20 and 1 1993 G20. Text me if you guys need anything 516-359-9378. Odds are if you just message me you will be missing out.
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Is the sunroof assembly there, and the front door hinges
^ Text me. Do you need the sliding cover too? it's a Tan interior. Going back there tomorrow.
If you go back, can you tell me if the 2001 was AT touring with the 't' on the trunk?
I don't think it was. What are you looking for?
For future ref I'm looking for AT axles in decent shape, and actually silver (or any color) side skirts that have their brackets in tact.
The axles are FUBAR and they jacked the damn car up on the right side skirt f**king it up :( . Left skirt is pretty clean thought lol
Rob I'm going to the other yard tomorrow that had 3 P11s the last time. If they still have them I'll pull your pieces
P11 suspension if your willing to ship to hawaii.
How much for a hood! I'm moving to fairfield, ohio in 2 weeks so I'll be kinda close to you! I needs me a hood bad and and a passengers fender.
^ there yards in Fairfield that have them..LMK when you're ready and I'll give you the address
P11 suspension if your willing to ship to hawaii.
I'm willing to ship to anyone that's willing to pay. What suspension parts are u looking for?
Struts and spring assembly. Cant pass recon with my ss coilovers. Oh and also revolution speed sensor if its a 5 speed. Id be willing to pay, but want to know the price shipped before you do the work.
I would buy used struts off a salvage yard car since the condition is totally unknown. There are members on here selling suspension so go with that.
The driver side skirt is the exact one I need if all the brackets are intact, my current driver side has a gap where the bracket holding it broke. What color? not sure if you've mentioned that already. Willing to pay shipping depending on price of the skirt
any update on the center console window switches ? And the plastic finisher around the gear shifter ?
I only went there for the tails lights yesterday. When I go back I'll take better pics for you guys
Where you able to find anything in the other yard?
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