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winter tire preference and driving advices!

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Hey fellas,
I'm born and raised in Southern California so that means no Snow or Ice driving experience whatsoever. My wife and I are relocating to Stamford/Greenwich,Connecticut area and I know it's a little too early to be asking about winter stuff but I want to give myself enough time to prepare. I've searched the website and most of the info I got was just telling me to buy a good set of snow tires, but the reason why I'm posting this message is to get actual experiences from the folks here that lives in the east coast.So the more feedback i get, the more my wife and I will be prepped for this coming winter! Thanks
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Anyone in the 'snow belt' can answer this question.

I have used many different brands of snow tires and if you can afford it, blizzaks have been the best IMHO. BUT if you are driving more in snow (not much ice) then I really like the winterforce.

Please make sure to buy all 4 matching snow tires (buying just 2 won't cut it).
i ran a set of 185/70/14 i-pikes from discount tire an they dug in very well and worked great for snow/compact snow and stopped as good as it can for being on ice they were not studded but have the holes to be if needed i had them on my p10

also had a set of 175/70/13 blizzaks none studded on my 91corrolla that were just as amazing
i used to work for discount tire for 2 years ... i have always had better luck with tall an skinny than short an wide haha but hope any of this helps
i really like the pirelli snow tires i have for the p11. just remember to allow a little extra time for your commute so you never need to rush in the snow. Also i would advise finding a large parking lot and go practice driving in the snow after a good storm. its alot of fun and it will prepare you for what its like to lose traction on snow.
if its snowing i dont drive lol
but luckily g20s are amazing in the snow,
even on balding all season tires i barely slid around, but braking was a trip
just take everything easy.

btw theres a bunch of CTG's, so well be looking forward to meeting u.
Im in Norwalk, (where most of us live, about 4 i believe.)
I'm yet to drive my G in the winter (just bought it) but on my other car that I used to drive in the winter I've used both the Blizzaks and the X-Ice tires, both are great. People always talk up that narrower = better in the winter but from my experience, I've had 175/185 width Blizzaks, which work great, and also 205 X-Ice's which worked just as good. I think the G20s tend to fit narrower tires anyways, so somewhere around 185 would be a good width. But yes, they are definitely worth it, and make sure to buy all 4 not just 2.

And thats from Canadian winter experience.
If your really keen on getting snow tires then get them, but ive driven plenty of cars through snow with out them. I would say a good all season will do the trick, I personally like the cooper cs4 they are a good tire all around and do pretty good in snow.

Driving in snow is all about taking it easy and giving yourself time and room to react, I drive like an animal in the snow because i like to play but cautious as well.
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