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Wire and Use VE Distributor with USDM Rotorhead and Cap

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This How To will go through the basic differences of the VE Distributor vs USDM distributors and how to adapt your VE distributor to use USDM components, along with how to wire in the VE distributor to your USDM wiring harness.

Advantages of VE distributor
- Both ears bolt up, reducing the chances oil leaks and stronger connection
- Newer and has less miles, which means it should provide a stronger spark then your USDM distributor
- One harness connection, out of the way of VVL solenoids

Disadvantages of VE distributor
- Unique JDM rotor and cap
- Modifications to your wiring harness to use the new plug

Physical Comparisons
The RR metal rotor drive and rotor have a triangular mating shape.

While the VE metal rotor drive is round and has an allen screw securing it.

RR vs VE. Looks like the cut/angle is the same on both.

RR one is a tad bit short

The VE distributor cap itself looked identical to the RR one though so we should be good on that count.

Installed the RR rotor drive on the VE distributor.

Confirmed the rotor location was close enough. (VE rotor on VE distributor)

RR rotor on VE Distro

The VE dust cover doesn't fit though.

RR dust cover fit perfectly.

Now the fun part the wiring. VE has all 8 prongs on the same plug.

(Wiring reference)

On the bright side, my plug was in dying need of replacement. Don't try to remove sensor plugs in the winter, they crack easily.

Got all of the pigtails cut and ready to attach.

Wired them together, keep in mind that wire colors do not always match, this is why it's important to wire by pins not by wire color. If your wires and individual wire plug look good, you can always just pop them out and put them in the new 8 pin plug. Verify that the individual pins are the same before pulling all of them out though!

This is a work in progress, will finish it after I look up all of the FSM's.
Note: All cars but 00+ B15's and P11's have an inline resistor that needs to be bypassed.
Component --------- VE ------  P11

CMPS GRND: -------- pin 1  ---- pin 1
CMPS +12v: -------- pin 2  ---- pin 2
CMPS POS: --------- pin 3  ---- pin 3
CMPS REF: --------- pin 4  ---- pin 4 
IGNCHK (Coil -): -- pin 5  ---- pin 7**
Coil +12v: -------- pin 6  ---- pin 8
GRND: ------------- pin 7  ---- pin 5
IGN: -------------- pin 8  ---- pin 6
* Inline resistor on this pin
** On 2002 P11's and 2000-2001 B15's, you don't have an IGNCHK, you may need to manually wire on in.

Heatshrink the wires, I like to use heatshrink with glue inside for extra corrosion protection.

Plug it in and test your car, if it starts and drives perfectly you can continue with wrapping the wires up and tucking them away.

Thanks to LukaMcCloud for his VE Distributor pinout.
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Someone should sticky this thread! Very helpful for me and is a great way to use VE dizzy without scavenging for discontinued caps and rotors!
+1.. please sticky!!
All the pics are gone? Any way that could be fixed?
Pictures re-uploaded!
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