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Wiring Diagrams - Audio for 1994 G20

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Where can I get wiring diagrams for the audio system in my 1994 G20 sedan? This would show connections to the HU, the front mid-range and tweeter speakers, the two amps mounted in the trunk, and the rear speakers.
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im not sure wheer you could buy them but if you buy almost any little thing from crutchfield they will give you the diagrams for free, or you could check an FSM if you have a copy
I called Crutchfield and they have nothing for the G20 -- no diagrams, no conversion kits, no harnesses -- nothing. This was disappointing!

Do you know where I can obtain a shop manual for cheap? The dealer can sell me one for $200 (gulp!). I tried e-bay but nothing shows up. Any suggestions?
check ebay for a shop manual, and i do know for a fact that crutchfield has wiring guides for the g20, cause they sent me one when i ordered my wiring harness for my stereo from them, if i can find it ill try and send you a copy
Crutchfield has the wiring diagrams for pretty much everything on the G20. They gave me the door lock/alarm diagram when I bought my keyless entry and they had speaker diagrams too.
jbloggs_c said:
Crutchfield has the wiring diagrams for pretty much everything on the G20. They gave me the door lock/alarm diagram when I bought my keyless entry and they had speaker diagrams too.
Yeah. Only thing is that you have to purchase something from them in order to get it. BTW, do you have the wiring diagrams for the stereo? :-\ I wanted to try my installation on my own, but the instructions were somewhat confusing....:confused:
ok here are the wire colors for the p10:

white-front left speaker positive

white/black-front left speaker negative

gray-right front speaker positive

gray/black-right front speaker positive

green-left rear positive

green/black-left rear negative

violet-right rear positive

violet/black-right rear negative

yellow-12v constant power(memory)

red-12v constant power



blue/white-amp remote wire

blue-power antenna

hope this helps you all out a bit, any other questions ask, and BTW stereo installs in the p10 are quite easy
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They're easy if you know what your doing.....:cheeky:

BTW, thanks so much. I'll try and knock it out next weekend. I'll tell you how it goes.....:paranoid:
MR. RYTE said:
They're easy if you know what your doing.....:cheeky:

lol, dont sweat it, seriously, once you get in there and start looking at how stuff goes together its not bad at all
Thanks, Zenfish. I think the color codes you listed were not for the 1994 G20 with premium factory system (mine). For example, on my car, the color codes for the passenger side door speaker are brown and brown/with white stripe. Do you have or do you know where to get color codes for the 1994 G20 with premium factory system?

BTW, I called Crutchfield, and they told me they have no information for bypassing the factory amps in the trunk. They suggest I re-wire the entire system.

Any help with color codes would be appreciated.
You could get a harness that allows you to use the stock amps from Crutchfield.

I have not had any luck finding the FSM for 94 G20s. Found just about every other year, but not ours... I would think the 95 and 96 would be close, but wire colors etc may be different. Has anyone made a direct comparison?
Sorry i cant help with wiring but you may be able to find a manual here.

What is the difference between the

Full Service Manual (i know what this is.. these are the best)
Shop Service Repair Manual (not sure)
Just to point out that the color codes given above aren't even close to what's really there in a 94-96 G. Check my post on retrofitting today's date.
I'm trying to figure out the same thing about installing my new touchscreen stereo with backup camera plus hands free calling, the new radio comes with the wire harness but the old Nissan radio has way different wiring colors than the new harness I have, I just having trouble with wiring it wrong then I have to take it to the shop and get charged $400 just to wire up my radio plus new speakers, sorry but I'm not paying that cause I really think if I sit here long enough I can figure it out but it sure would be nice if my 94 Infiniti G20 had a diagram or a manual but this car didn't come with one when I bought it and it was running great til I bought it then the passenger side control arm broke then I had to replace the CV Axle Boot, then the power steering pressure hose had a crack in it so I had to replace it and now after paying only $1,200 for it & Now I have $500 more in it but it drives great plus AC works great & I only have one speaker working in the back passenger side so I need my music cause the old radio doesn't work properly so any suggestions would be great..
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Did you try buying an adapter harness for your radio from Crutchfield? They sell the proper adapters.
NissanEgg No I hadn't called or looked up there online website yet my friend said they usually don't sale anything with G20 but I'll have to check it out cause you never know by calling right, you know anything about wiring up radio with backup camera by chance do you, all these different types of colors that the New radio harness came with, they sent 2 wiring harness with the radio and the Nissan radio has way different colors on the wires and I'm very confused 🤔🤔
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