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Wiring help please.

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Ok I am getting ready to do a ve swap into my 1996 g20. I have been doing a LOT of searching on how to get the wiring done. I have found the distributor wiring but can't seem to find any info on the IACV or the VE solenoids. Am planning on useing a stand alone window switch to activate the solenoids need to know the power and grounds. Thank you for any and all help.
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i just done this to my g20 how far have u gotten so far
For the IACV you are going to need to modify your stock harness. You have to replace your connectors with the ones for the VVL. When you get to doing it you will be able to tell apart the AAC and IACV easily.

The solenoids you want a switchable ground and constant 12v. Alot of window switches provide power wich is okay just make sure the solenoids have constant ground in that case.
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